Resources for Job Seekers

These videos, a part of the Sanford Rose Associates Dimensional Search® Process, will help to ensure you have an effective process in your next career move. Your Sanford Rose Associates Search Consultant is always available as a resource throughout this process. These documents, created by the recruitment experts at ParkerBeth, will help you navigate the changing job market trends.


Effective Resume Preparation

This 5-minute video will help you create an effective resume. A great resume won’t land you your next position, but it could cost you the opportunity to even be considered!

Interview Preparation

This 10-minute video will help to ensure you have an effective interview. 
These best practices are all designed to keep the decision resting with you for next steps!

Resignation Preparation

This 12-minute video will help you create a smooth resignation process. We are pleased to offer this video to our clients and candidates as part of our search process. Our recruiters are always available as a resource to you.

Your First 30 Days

Prior to your start date, review this video designed to accelerate your on boarding process and quickly establish rapport and credibility. Our recruiters are always available as a resource to you.


Preparing for a Virtual Interview

Guidance on effectively conducting a virtual interview. It covers aspects like optimal camera positioning, technology testing, maintaining eye contact, preparedness, posture, appropriate use of hand gestures, setting a professional background, and the importance of practicing, presence, pace, and strategic pausing to enhance communication impact during the interview.

Job Hopping: The Latest Career Trend

Job hopping, changing jobs every 1-3 years, is emerging as a strategy for salary growth and skill diversification. Once seen negatively, it’s now more accepted due to economic changes and offers benefits for both employees seeking better opportunities and employers gaining diverse skill sets.