5 Job Search Strategies You Need to Know

A lot has changed with the hiring process and the job market in the last few years. The internet has revolutionized how people are finding jobs, leaving those offline out of the loop. A process that was once dependent on newspaper ads and window signs, today the job market relies on social media, digital presence, and digital networking. The best way to land a position has and always will be personal networks, face-to-face meetings with leadership, and crushing it in interviews. However, with the right combination of old and new school job hunting techniques, you can succeed and get the job you want. Referencing an article by Arno Markus for IvyExec.com here are 5 job search strategies you need for 2022.

Use Your Personal Connections to Find Unadvertised Positions

85% of jobs don’t ever get advertised, which means networking is key to finding the best possible job. Friends, family, and colleagues are likely to have the scoop on available jobs if they or someone they know is also hunting for a new opportunity. You might even be able to score the name of an important contact, or a recommendation.

Grow Your Online Network and Have Recruiters Notice You

A study from the Society for Human Resource Management found that 77% of employers utilize social media to recruit, and 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn as a primary tool (that’s what ParkerBeth does!) LinkedIn leads to some job seekers gaining a ton of traction, while for others it results in an inbox full of spam. Why? It’s dependent on “Algorithm Intelligence” which means using keywords that are in the job descriptions you’re targeting, in your resume.  When these keywords appear on your profile, employers are able to better match you as a potential candidate.

Target Decision-Makers at the Companies You Want to Work For

Looking for influential people at the companies you want to be a part of, is a great way to get your foot in the door fast. Depending on the position you’re seeking out, the President, CEO, or high-level managers are the people to reach out to. Look into their backgrounds, and find a point of common connection within their education, professional path, and training to stand out from the crowd. The goal is to move the conversation offline as soon as possible. Schedule a meeting and take charge, make the meeting less about yourself and more about what you can do for their organization. Being seen as a confident risk-taker with problem-solving skills is an awesome note for your job intake form!

Apply to Jobs via Job Boards

Even though job boards aren’t as popular as they used to be, they’re still a great way to find a place to land. Here’s where the old-school techniques come into play! Use Indeed, CareerBuilder, and Monster with Boolean search techniques to find the most relevant results.

Use a Good Recruiter

Specialized recruiters are a helping hand to guide you in your hunt for the perfect job. They have access to unadvertised jobs, executive connections, and resume tips that can boost your traction. There are many different types of recruiters, so finding one that specializes in your field or industry is necessary. Do you work in tech? If so, ParkerBeth Search Partners, a technical recruiting firm, is the right place for you! We have all the best connections across the country including major tech companies, industry leaders across multiple vertices, and startups who are looking to expand their teams with amazing individuals.

Bottom line, expanding your interpersonal and digital networks, reaching out to influential decision makers, and consulting a specialty recruiter will increase your chances of landing the job you want. Job hunting takes time, but with dedication and the right tools, you can place yourself exactly where you want to be. You’ve got this!

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